Dimensions Issue 01/2021 »Research Perspectives in Architecture«

Research Perspectives in Architecture Dimensions Issue 01/2021, edited by Katharina Voigt, Uta Graff, and Ferdinand Ludwig, explores different lines of enquiry with specific focus on their methodology. Design-based, reflexive, qualitative, experience-based, archival and interdisciplinary perspectives are investigated.

This inaugural issue marks the prelude of a journal, presenting the spectrum of methodological focal areas, which will be examined with greater depth in the following editions. It opens the field of investigation within the discipline of architecture, exploring how different perspectives and applied methodologies encourage varying research questions, findings, and ways of knowledge creation. This issue investigates the following lead question: Which methodological approaches are used in research on architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design? Accentuating the methodological framework of research, the journal focuses on genuine methodologies applied in scientific architectural research and particularly on those derived from architectural practice and design. Furthermore, it investigates how established scientific methods from other fields can be adapted for architectural research. The methodologies and approaches emphasized in this issue form the basis for further development of a methodological spectrum in the discipline of architecture. The overarching aim of this journal is to exploit the methodological plurality in scientific research in architecture, in order to highlight the variety of possible methodological attempts and relate to the originality of genuine architectural methods of knowledge creation – be it conceptual, practical, or scientific.