Master Project (conceptual design for a secondary school in Munich inspired by scandi) (Exercise)

Lecturer (assistant)
  • Mikala Holme Samsoe
  • Hannelore Deubzer
Duration6 SWS
TermWintersemester 2018/19
Language of instructionGerman



An architectural proposal for a secondary School in Munich A learning journal A number of beautiful sketches bounded in a book to show the process.


Gastprofessorin: Mikala Holme SamsØe Conceptual design for a school - learning from Scandinavia We will make a conceptual architectural design for a Secondary School in Munich, which is focusing on collaboration and sustainability. How can architecture enable learning? How do the spaces function? What is their relation to each other and to the surroundings? And how are they constructed? The overall meta-question is; in which ways can architecture contribute to an aesthetic and sustainable development of our society? The conceptual design of the school is based on a thorough Context Analysis. Students are introduced to different perceptions and theoretical approaches to what context is – and they practice how to transform Context Analysis into Architecture. We will for instance make a short study the United Nations Sustainable goals as an example of a relevant context that an architect of today also has to reflect on in her or his work. During the semester Students will work individually on their proposal for a Secondary School and in weekly exercises explore different kinds of context related to: - Societal context: United Nations Sustainable goals - Physical context – site in Munich - Pedagogical context – studies of learning environments, especially in Scandinavia.


Fundamental knowledge acquired in projects and lectures of the Bachelor's program.

Teaching and learning methods

We will meet once a week, make an exercise together once a week and step by step develop the conceptual design of the school. The class will be conducted to encourage the students to get involved in high-energy discussion, interaction – and production. Students are expected to work dedicated and curiously and be initiative taking if they choose to take part in the course. We check-in together in the morning and check-out in the evening. Students are systematically introduced to hands-on methods related to the analysis and design process as well as the process of communication and presenting the architectural proposal. Every student makes a learning journal to document the intellectual progress. Purpose of this is to make students reflect on the methods they use, to make them a good collaboration partners and to train students in presenting and representing ideas and be understood.

Recommended literature

The class is conducted in German. The written material given to students is in English.