Lecture Series for incoming students

The process of dealing with today’s complex transformation processes in the urban, landscape and architecture realm requires a multi-faceted and transdisciplinary approach to research and problem-solving. This lecture series provides insights into two multidisciplinary focus areas for research at TUM: Urban and Landscape Transformation and Sustainable Building and Technology.

Target audience for the lecture series are international students in exchange programmes (Erasmus, DAAD, etc.) in their 3rd, 4th and 5th year. Each of the two series will be credited with 3 ECTS following completion of two assignments (per series). The exercises will require students to investigate and discuss the presented topics within the particular context of the city of Munich. Attendance of the lecture is mandatory.
Regular students of TUM cannot earn credits in this course.
The lecture will be held in Vorhoelzer Forum on Mondays 11:30h – 13:00h (Series 1) and 13:00h – 14:30h (Series 2). The first lecture will be held on Monday 24.10.2016.

Students are required to sign up for the course on tum-online by Monday 24.10.2016.

!!!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION for SERIES 1 students: Please hand in the first assignment on time. Monday, November 7th 2016 before the lecture (11.15-11.30) in Room 2350, green box! Unfortunately we cannot accept late hand ins!!!! Please note: you will need to pass both assignments to get credits for our course. Also make sure to put down your name and student number on the assignment and make sure you have signed in tum-online (waiting list is ok!) THANK YOU !!!!!

Series 1 Urban and Landscape Transformation
Modul AR20098

The topic area Urban and Landscape Transformation investigates complex and networked urban landscapes and systems in times of global transformation. Urban hinterlands are reservoirs or vital resources that have increasingly become exposed to global ecological, economic and social challenges and have become the focus of environmental and sustainability debates. Whilst global transformation processes are difficult to influence let alone control with the classic tools of the designer, architecture, urban design and landscape architecture do offer a repertoire of possibilities to integrate complex spatial, aesthetic, social, cultural, ecological and sustainable qualities into contemporary living environments. The lecture shows examples of projects and approaches from TUM, on how to conceptualise and strengthen such urban and landscape transformation areas.

contact: dorothee.rummel@tum.de

Monday 11:30h – 13:00h
for program details and venue (lecture halls are changing): see below


Series 2 Sustainable Building and Technology
Modul AR20097

The lecture series provides insights into fundamental issues of sustainable construction and shows the importance of the construction industry in terms of a resource-conserving approach towards the ecosystem Earth. Case studies of sustainable technologies, materials, components and buildings will be shown to demonstrate how aesthetic, functional, structural and environmental aspects with regard to the planning and implementation of sustainable buildings can be integrated into a holistic design process. This includes both the maintenance of existing buildings and the construction of new buildings. After having participated in the event, the students are able to recognize and understand the connection between ecological, socio-cultural and economic factors in terms of a sustainable approach in the construction industry. Based on the presentation of examples, students can reflect and understand the basic goals and procedures with regard to the planning of sustainable buildings. In addition, the students know the necessary approaches in design and planning to ensure a sustainable, resource-efficient use of materials, water and energy throughout the whole life-cycle of buildings.

contact: jana.langenberg@tum.de

Monday 13:15h – 14:30h
for program details and venue (lecture halls are changing): see below


Schedule 2016

Series 1 - Urban and Landscape Transformation

Brochure Lecture Series 1

1 / 24. 10. 16 // Urban and Landscape Transformation. An Introduction
Prof Mark Michaeli, Chair of Sustainble Urbanism
room 5170, Vorhoelzer Forum

/ 31. 10. 16 // Field Trip: "at location"
@location, for details see presentation 1

2 / 07. 11. 16 // Who owns the landscape?
Prof Regine Keller
room 5170, Vorhoelzer Forum

3 / 14. 11. 16 // Picturesque Munich
Prof Sophie Wolfrum, Chair of Urban Design
room 5170, Vorhoelzer Forum

4 / 21. 11. 16 // Residence, Work and Travel in the Case of Munich
Prof Dr Alain Thierstein, Chair of Urban Development
room 5170, Vorhoelzer Forum

5 / 28. 11. 16 // A right to infrastructuring?
Prof Dr Ignacio Farías, MCTS
room 5170, Vorhoelzer Forum

6 / 05. 12. 16 // The House and the City: Big Forms
Prof Bruno Krucker, Chair of Urbanism and Housing
room 5170, Vorhoelzer Forum

7 / 12. 12. 16 // Architecture and Regional Open Space
Prof Dr Sören Schöbel, Chair for Landscape Architecture and Regional Open Space
room 5170, Vorhoelzer Forum

Forum 8 / 19. 12. 16 // At the Periphery – Summary
Prof Mark Michaeli and Dorothee Rummel, Chair of Sustainble Urbanism
room 5170, Vorhoelzer Forum



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