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Vorhoelzer Forum, Monday 11:30h – 13:00h
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Series 2 Sustainable Building and Technology

Modul AR20097 

The lecture series provides insights into fundamental issues of sustainable construction and shows the importance of the construction industry in terms of a resource-conserving approach towards the ecosystem Earth. Case studies of sustainable technologies, materials, components and buildings will be shown to demonstrate how aesthetic, functional, structural and environmental aspects with regard to the planning and implementation of sustainable buildings can be integrated into a holistic design process. This includes both the maintenance of existing buildings and the construction of new buildings. 
After having participated in the event, the students are able to recognize and understand the connection between ecological, socio-cultural and economic factors in terms of a sustainable approach in the construction industry. Based on the presentation of examples, students can reflect and understand the basic goals and procedures with regard to the planning of sustainable buildings. In addition, the students know the necessary approaches in design and planning to ensure a sustainable, resource-efficient use of materials, water and energy throughout the whole life-cycle of buildings.

contact: katja. schwering @ tum .de  , s. linke @ tum .de

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Vorhoelzer Forum, Monday 13:15h – 14:30h





Series 1 -  Urban and Landscape Transformation


20.10.   1 // Urban and Landscape Transformation - Prof. Mark Michaeli

27.10.   Field Trip Ackermannbogen – Prof. Christiane Thalgott

3.11.     Landscape. A Term, a Concept, a Law? Prof. Dr. Udo Weilacher

10.11.   Landscape Architecture and Regional Open Space - Prof. Dr. Sören Schöbel

17.11.   The House and the City: Big Forms - Prof. Bruno Krucker

24.11.   Who owns the Landscape? Prof. Regine Keller

1.12.     Dynamics and Transitions Processes in German Real Estate Markets 
            - Prof. Dr. Matthias Ottmann

8.12.    Picturesque Munich - Prof. Sophie Wolfrum

15.12.  At the Periphery - Prof. Mark Michaeli




Series 2 - Sustainable Building and Technology

20.10.  Sustainable Building and Technology - Prof. Dr. Werner Lang
27.10.  Field Trip Ackermannbogen – Prof. Christiane Thalgott
3.11.    N/A - Prof. Andreas Hild
10.11.  Recycling strategies in the building sector - Prof. Florian Musso 
17.11.  Climate Responsive Building Design - Prof. Dr. Thomas Auer 
24.11.  Roadmap for Facade Design - Prof. Dr. Ulrich Knaak 
1.12.    Digital Revolution - Prof. Dr. Frank Petzold
8.12.    Building for the Future - Case Studies: Research, Design and Building - Prof. Dr. Werner Lang
15.12.  Building with Timber - Dipl. Ing. Maren Kohaus


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