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The BA design studio is dealing with rethinking the Trudering Station surroundings and developing a design proposal. The main aim for the area in Munich’s eastern Trudering district, is to work in a spacial and programmatical way. The goal is to come up with a design assumption and ideas for an urban structure, possible new programs and functions to give this important part of Trudering a new face. Dealing with the urban context, interlinking and opening the area to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Likewise there are some more key focuses here, as providing well-performing public spaces, an appropriate level of density and forward-looking forms of housing. The existing urban life in the area is to be consolidated.

In which way can architecture, urbanism and landscape design contribute to a livable and active neighborhood.  How can structures as the old village cores, the station, infrastructure and landscape be integrated to get a sustainable development of Trudering?

Some general conditions can lead the way:

- The rocketing Munich housing market calls for a precise approach towards density and lifestyles. How can a well-connected new living quarter look today to meet the demands, not only economically spoken? What typologies and urban spaces are most promising?
How about the ground floor program today? ...

- Edges and interfaces along the margins of the area will be of major importance for integrating Trudering as a whole letting the new center play a vital role. Moreover, the train lines and the streets should play distinct roles in forming those margins.

- In how far have existing buildings and usages a role in the future?

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