InDUSTreal – rethinking bygone


The project "InDUSTreal – rethinking bygone" aims participants, who are interested in co-shaping the transformation of a former factory building in the center of Melitopol (Ukraine), enjoy to work creative and innovative in groups, are interested in the Ukrainian-German relationship, and are looking for an adventure this summer while deepen their experience in urban transformation.

CHANCE International (Berlin) and Cultural Di@log (Kremenchuk) bring active citizens together and support their engagement in urban transformation. Through exchanging experiences and ideas the participation will get empowered to be active agent of change in their local communities and create innovative approaches to urban challenges.

Next to the possibility to learn from each other by sharing best practices and experiences, the project gives the unique possibility to co-shape the transformation of an abandon building in Melitopol. The participants will develop their unique and innovative approaches and ideas on how to use the industrial building “Teplo-Punkt” (the former heat distribution station in Melitopol).

The results of the project will be shown during an exhibition, which will be held at “Teplo- Punkt” in Melitopol. This exhibition will become an open space for public discussion of proposed solutions and ideas for the revitalization of “Teplo-Point”. The Department of Culture of Melitopol city council is a partner of this project. Based on the solutions developed by the participants, the Department will proceed in the transformation of“Teplo-Punkt”.

1. Exchange in Berlin: 15.07. – 25.07.2018
2. Exchange in Melitopol: 15.08. – 25.08.2018

The participation fee for both exchanges is in total 50€. More Information in the Brochure 

Application deadline: 30.06.2018