Design Project - Projectmarket

All Exchange Students are most welcome to take part in the design project. It is only possible to do one design project each semester.

Level of Studies

The Department of Architecture, TUM divides between three different levels:

BA Basic Students: Bachelor Students in their 1st and 2nd year of studies

BA Basic students get their project directly from us. Please do not take part in the projectmarket.

BA Advanced Students: Bachelor Students in their 3rd and 4th year of studies
MA Students: MA Student who are enrolled in the Master`s program at their home university

BA Advanced and MA Students have to take part in the projectmarket.


Since summer semester 2016 the TUM Department of Architecture has introduced a matching system for design projects.


Who: The projectmarket is only for BA Advanced Students and MA Students (Students in their 3rd year of studies and higher).
Where: The projectmarket can be accessed here. The presentation of all design studios takes place each semester.
How: Within the voting period all students can choose the projects in which they would like to participate. A minimum of four different projects has to be chosen, but it is possible to choose more. Within the voting period the wishes and priorities of the chosen projects can be changed. For additional information please see the documentation.
Matching: All chairs and professorships will be informed which students are assigned to their projects. Students will have to look up the project they were assigned to on



For participation in the project market a valid TUM-Login is required! Students who need help with the use of the system are asked to come to the Student counselling before the voting period is over.


Each design project is limited to a certain number of participants. To make sure that all students have the same chance we use a matching system.

The students have to select at least four different design studios. The system matches the students with the design projects automatically. This guarantees that all students are treated equal.

Please kindly understand that it is not possible to guarantee participation in one specific design project