Welcome to study at the TUM Department of Architecture

You are most welcome to spend your stay abroad at the TUM Department of Architecture.

Students from one of our International Partner Universities can spend one semester or a whole academic year at the Department of Architecture, TUM in Munich.

For further information please read the following sections carefully.

Welcome Meeting Department of Architecture, TUM

The Welcome Meeting of the Department of Architecture takes place every semester before the beginning of the lecture period.

Welcome Meeting of the Department of Architecture in the winter term 2019:

When: Wednesday, 2nd October 2019 at 1:15pm

Where: Room 1260

Why: Information on course registration, projectmarket, exam registration, Transcript of Records and many more 

Additional Benefit: The Student Union of the Department of Architecture, TUM organizes guided tours through campus and university on their "Welcome Meeting" on the same day

Welcome Presentation


Student Union of the Department of Architecture, TUM

Further events of the Student Union Architecture:

Pub crawl through Maxvorstadt (bring money and your ID)

Where: meet @ "Fachschaftsbar"
When: Monday, 7th October at 7pm

Traditional Munich Weißwurstfrühstück and sightseeing tour

Where: Weisser Saal (room 5120), 5th floor, main building (wear lederhosen and dirndl)
When: Tuesday, 8th October at 10:30am  (bavarian breakfast)

           3pm ( citytour and other activities)

Information Letter Student Union of Architecture

Study Program - TUMonline

This section helps you find suitable courses and guides you through TUMonline. TUMonline is our online course portal. Here you can find all the information to prepare your Learning Agreement or Study Plan. Please ensure that the correct study year is selected in the top right corner.

Please note that passed modules cannot be chosen again, even if the subject or subtitle of the course changes! In the case of repeated participation of already completed modules you will not get credits for it. This is relevant for students studying for 2 semester.

Design Project - Presentation

Since summer semester 2016 the TUM Department of Architecture has introduced a new matching system for design projects

Presentation of all design studios in the winter term 2019/20:

When: Monday, 7th October, 2019 at 11am

Where: Carl-von-Linde Hörsaal

Exam registration and Grade Report (Transcript of Records)

All information concerning the exam registration and the Transcript of Records you can find here.


Here you can find all the neccessary information concerning your application.

Nomination and Application Period:

Winter semester: March 15 – May 15

Summer semester: September 15 – October 31

Semester Dates

All information concerning semester dates you can find here.


The International Center, TUM offers assistance and guidance. More information you can find here.

For students of architecture there is also the opportunity to apply to live at the Oskar von Miller Forum.