Franz Berberich Prize

With the Franz Berberich Prize, the Department of Architecture aims to promote outstanding research work of a project-related character among young researchers (members of staff and students). The prize money is at least 1.000 Euros.

The Franz Berberich Prize is funded by the Franz Berberich Foundation at the Technische Universität München. The foundation promotes science and research at the TUM, primarily at the Department of Architecture. The Franz Berberich Foundation was founded in 1992.



Sandra Schuster - Research initiation and implementation in the field of timber construction, networking within the TUM.wood research group & equal opportunities activities


Lisbeth Fischbacher and Daniel Hoheneder - as founders of the start-up FLISSADE


Anne Niemann, Tilmann Jarmer, Laura Franke, Stephan Ott - Co-development of a new building culture of simplification: Simple Construction - residential buildings with high-quality and sufficient architecture, robust construction and reduced building technology


Artem Kuchukov and Leonidas Pozikidis - as co-founders of the start-up KEWAZO (Robotics in Construction)


Joram Tutsch - "Grundlagen für den Erhalt der Junkershallen in Oberschleißheim"


Nils Seifert, Michael Mühlhaus - "Digitales Werkzeug zur Steuerung und Überprüfung von Nachverdichtungsstrategien"


Wolfgang Huß, Stefan Krötsch, Matthias Kestel, Klaus Mindrup, Jörn von Grabe, Martin Gräfe, Martin Bittmann, Kerim Ekal, Raphael Hilz (†2015), Margit Kraft, Saskia Nissen, Charlotte Schürenkrämer, Hannah Veit, Wenke Volkmann - "Prototypisches Schulhaus für Sambia"


Patrik Aondio, Andreas Mayer - „Parametric design in wooden constructions - a co-operation between architect and civil engineer“


Agnes Förster, Sven Conventz, Kristina Erhard - „Housing demand in the metropolitan region of Munich: individual preferences, available supply and spatial scales“


Gerhard Schubert - in his role as project leader and organizer for the Collaborative Design Platform.


Konstanze Elbel - for her teaching project "School Projects in Ethiopia".

Hana Riemer, Julia Drittenpreis - "ClimaDesign Competition research project, in which a tool for estimating the energy efficiency of buildings in architectural competitions was developed"


Zoran Novacki - for his research work as part of his doctoral thesis project on a prototype for an unfolding loadbearing structure.