Christiane Thalgott Prize

The Gender Equality Officer at the Department of Architecture in cooperation with Prof. Christiane Thalgott, former Head of Urban Planning and Building Department in Munich, award the prize for equal opportunities.

The prize promotes excellent student work at the Department of Architecture that pursues an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to the task or project concerned.
The project work should, in addition to addressing the project brief, create synergies resulting from findings gained from different disciplines. The prize focuses in particular on topics of social and societal relevance. Students can submit the results of a design project as well as theoretical work from related subject areas.

Submission should include:

  • A short summary of the original brief
  • A short description of the student’s own work that demonstrates the extended, interdisciplinary approach and social relevance
  • Project documentation (A3 reductions of the plans)



Ekaterina Vyrodova, Master Thesis "Agricultural Lighting Facade: Lebensmittelproduzierende Bürogebäude"


Isabel Bommes Fernandez and Clara Teresa Pollak, "Umgang gestalten – Das Pharaohaus in München"


Agatha Linck, Master Thesis „Alternativkonzept für Maso Plaz“


Daria Rath and Janele Suntinger, "Wohnen im Posthochhaus"


Tanja Potezica und Tanja Sinzinger, Bachelor Thesis "Ankunft Stadt - Urban Integration"


Eva Classen und Maria Kugler, Diplomarbeit "Klostervisionen - Kloster Wettenhausen: Verformungsgerechte Bauaufnahme, Instandsetzung und Entwurf"


Franziska Kügler, Masterarbeit „Herausforderung Unland – eine Monographie“


Kristina von Bomhard, Semesterentwurf "Chill Buildings Nürnberg"


Ulrike Keller, Semesterentwurf "Ort schafft Mitte"