Room numbers at the TUM

The room numbers at the TUM have four digits: the first digit represents the floor, the second digit the building, the third and fourth digits the actual room number.

For example:

  • Room 3170 Main site: 3rd floor, building 1, room 70
  • Room N 1643 North site: 1st floor, building 6, room 43
  • Room S 0423 South site: Ground floor, building 4, room 23

 The buildings on the main site, north site and south site have Arabic numerals:

  • Main site: numbers 1 – 10
  • North site: numbers 1 – 8
  • South site: numbers 0 – 6

Building numbers on the south site are prefixed with an “S” and those on the north site with an “N”. The prefix helps to differentiate the location of the respective room. See the accompanying site map for the building numbers.

TU Munich Roomfinder