Lectureship of the Women's Representative: Gender Studies in Architecture

Photo: Mirja Reuter, Buenos Aires 2013
Participants of the seminar with Mirja Reuter (Photo: Stefanie Seeholzer)


Lecturer Summer Semester 2018: Mirja Reuter

Gender and spatial mobility in public sphere
Seminar on the construction of gender in/through urban space

The 100 th anniversary of women`s suffrage is a good starting point for understanding public space as a political stage for gender constructions. Not only through architecture, but also urban space (semi-public and public) reproduces the social gender. In the seminar "Gender and spatial mobility in the public sphere" we will explore selected locations in relation to their gender-specific use. Urban spaces influence common patterns of movement, but can also serve as spaces for identification e.g. for social movements or artistic performance. Urban space as a stage is explored at the micro and macro level, from individual behavior to Munich`s history of protest movements. What interactions arise between the "stages and their actors" now and in their history? Selected artistic works and textual materials from queer and gender theories are discussed together and open up space for critical thinking and an awareness of contemporary gender roles. The following questions will be part of our debate: how does an appropriation of a public space take place today? Which places in our planned and built environment are considered as sexually connoted? Are there any niches that allow other concepts of identity apart from binary gender roles? What kind of "figures" can we question on their spatial patterns of movement?