Lectureship of the Women's Representative: Questions of Science and Society in Architecture and Urbanism

Lecturer Winter Semester 2018/19: Elena Markus

The Housing Question – a public event series: conception, organisation, realisation

The seminar will take place as part of the event program for the exhibition »SiedlungsRequiem« in the art exhibition hall Lothringer 13. The exhibition, curated by Elena Markus in collaboration with Nick Förster (architecture student TUM) and opening in November 2018, deals with the difficult concept of the Siedlung (EN: housing estate or settlement). Different Siedlung models will be presented in the exhibition with regard to what is probably the most important social question of modern times – the Housing Question. On the basis of historical examples in form of mock-ups, images and photographs as well as quotations, the Siedlungen will be put into the complex political and social context from the early 19th century until the present. Furthermore, in the installation the concept of the Siedlung which is still considered as the solution to the housing shortage will be challenged. The aim is to develop a contemporary rather than retrospective Siedlung theory.

The seminar participants are expected to develop and organise a series of events during the workshops. The purpose of the students’ events is to link the exhibition topics with current discourse. Potential event formats would be public exhibition tours, evening discussion with students, faculty members and selected experts, an one-day conference moderated by the seminar participants, or posters and performances etc. In the seminar students will learn to understand how the societal and political role of architecture is a subject of discussion. They will also gain an awareness of the mutual influence of theory and praxis in architecture.