“What are the future prospects of women in architecture? As a subject architecture remains as popular as ever, especially among young women. One need only look at the university admission statistics over the last 15 years: the number of female applicants has risen steadily since the 1970s, and by the end of the 1990s more women then men signed up to study architecture. But is this level of interest also reflected in the profession as a whole? How do women cope with the demands of studies and the profession? And how has that changed since 1905, when the first women began to study architecture? […] Women architects have always played an important role in shaping culture and the built environment. The awarding of the Pritzker Prize to Zaha Hadid in 2004 confirmed what has long been known: women architects are highly adept at combining creativity, intellectual acuity and practice.”

Regina Prinz/Ute Maasberg, Aller Anfang sind wir. Wege von Architektinnen im 20. Jahrhundert, in: Winfried Nerdinger (Ed.), Der Architekt. Ein Berufsstand in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Munich/London/New York 2012, pp. 632-647, p. 633

The Gender Equality Officer at the TUM Department of Architecture and her two deputies provide advice and assistance for women students, members of staff and professors and assist the department in implementing the state’s gender equality policies. They organize events on aspects of the profession specific to women. Each semester they award a lectureship on “Gender Studies in Architecture” and a lectureship on “Questions of Science and Society in Architecture and Urbanism”, open to women and men alike. Together with Professor Christiane Thalgott, former Director of Urban Planning at Munich City Council and honorary professor at the TUM, they promote excellent seminar and project work by women students through the annual “Advancement Award”, awarded every winter semester. In cooperation with the respective departments and administrative units they promote long term efforts to improving gender equality in the academic structure of the department and the university.

The gender equality team also provides advice on funding programs specifically for women, on facilities and programs offered by TUM Gender&Diversity and the TUM Talent Factory, on childcare facilities at the TUM and maternity and parental leave. The team can also provide assistance in the case of gender discrimination or sexual abuse or harassment – of course confidentially, referring you where necessary to the advice services at the Munich Student Union.