Institute for Urban Design and Housing (ISW)

Membership and Organisation

The Institute for Urban Development and Housing (ISW) in Munich is an institution belonging to the German Academy for Urban Development and Regional Planning (DASL e.V.), based in Berlin. The declared statutory mission of the ISW is to provide skill enhancement and advanced training opportunities to professional urban planners and other specialists engaged in local, regional and federal state planning. This work is funded by the German federal and state governments and municipal umbrella organisations and is sponsored by TU München.

Responsibilities and services

The ISW holds about 25 conferences/symposia, specialist coaching, excursions, workshops and in-house seminars during the course of the year on all topical themes connected with urban development, town and country planning and the associated legal aspects. The ISW operates nationwide and on a federal level, working with somewhere in the region of 250 specialist speakers from the relevant professional organizations and research. Approximately 1,000 individuals take part in these ISW events every year.


The ISW was set up in the autumn of 1960 to coincide with the introduction of the Federal Building Act. It opened its doors in the spring of 1961 under the management of Prof. Johannes Göderitz. Prof. em. Dr. Dr. E. h. Gerd Albers ran the ISW from 1962 to 1991and was succeeded by the former building commissioner Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Uli Zech (ret.), who took over between 1992 and 1994. Prof. Dr. Ingrid Krau has held the position of Director of the ISW since 1995.