Landscape Architecture M.A.

The master’s degree program Landscape Architecture is based on basic knowledge acquired in a relevant bachelor’s degree program.

It focuses on the design and development of new open spaces and landscapes within an intensive examination of the existing historical structures of industrial and post-industrial changes of public space. In the center of the studies is design in an argumentative, reflective and structured methodology that leads to a close association of artistic and scientific work. Students are supposed to become familiar with sustainable development and design of lasting natural habitats in cities and landscapes, with particular consideration of existing technical and natural structures. In doing so, the complex connection between economic, ecological and social context and creative design marks the position of TUM landscape architecture.

The standard period of study is between three and four semesters – depending on the number of semesters of the preceding bachelor’s degree, during which an integral study abroad of at least six months has already been completed. The master’s degree Landscape Architecture prepares for professional leading positions as well as research and development activities at national and international level. The academic degree Master of Arts (M.A.) entitles to a Ph.D. program.