Energy-efficient and Sustainable Building M.Sc.

The Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, together with the Department of Architecture, offers an interdisciplinary master in Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building. It focuses on graduates in architecture, civil and structural engineering, and environmental engineering as well as graduates of other study programs with a suitable qualification, and the master’s program is also based on the interdisciplinary cooperation of these three faculties.

The objective of the 4 semester master program is to impart comprehensive knowledge in the fields of energy efficiency and sustainability in the constructed environment. Thus methodical abilities are demonstrated in order to develop independent and project-related solutions in this field and to apply common assessment procedures. Ecological and energetic concepts as well as economic, social, technical and process-oriented aspects of civil engineering are the core of this program. In consideration of these aspects the master’s program imparts interdisciplinary engineering knowledge and competence. This includes the teaching of fundamental knowledge of specific expertise regarding scarcity of resources, energy efficiency, regenerative energies, newly developed construction material, material efficiency, life cycle assessments and costs, etc.

Graduates of the master’s program have career prospects in research, in architecture offices als well as planning and engineering offices, and also building contractors - at national and international level, as well as in technical administration. The academic degree Master of Science (M.Sc.) entitles to a Ph.D. program.