Resource-Efficient and Sustainable Building M.Sc.

The Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, together with the Department of Architecture, offers an interdisciplinary master in Resource-Efficient and Sustainable Building.

The aim of this Master’s degree programme is a profound transfer of extensive knowledge in the subject areas of resource efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. Today it is essential to seek solutions to tackle climate change, environmental destruction, rivalry for resources, demographic change and urbanisation to fulfil the statutory requirements coming into force in 2020 to ensure building operation with nearly zero CO2 emissions.

The study programme imparts multi- and interdisciplinary engineering knowledge and skills. This requires networked and system-orientated thinking, particularly due to the complexity of interactions between the factors involved. This includes conveying the basic foundations in specific fields of expertise including resource scarcity, energy efficiency, renewable energy, innovative building materials, material efficiency and life cycle analysis.

The study programme creates a new, independent career field that closes the gap that used to exist between the traditional professions of civil engineer / architect and environmental engineer while opening up career opportunities in a vibrantly developing branch of industry, also at international level.