M.Sc. Resource Efficient and Sustainable Building

(Image: S. Salfner)

The Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, together with the Department of Architecture, offers an interdisciplinary master in Resource-Efficient and Sustainable Building.

The development, planning and implementation of resource efficient, sustainable solutions pose massive challenges to the construction sector, which given their scope and complexity can only be solved by considering all scale levels and all players that are involved in the supply chain.

Solving global challenges such as climate change, the destruction of the environment, resource rivalries, demographic change and urbanisation, as well as the challenges that these pose for our societies, are among the central questions of our time. A vital role is played here by the construction industry when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions, adapting our towns and cities, neighbourhoods and buildings to climate change, reducing the use of resources (e.g. land, material and water), and adjusting the built-up environment to rapidly-changing economic and societal circumstances. Over and above this, roughly 66 hectares of land are approved as housing and traffic development zones in Germany every day , making them unavailable for other uses such as food production, ecological compensation areas, recreation areas or water storage. These are alarming figures given the current size of the global population’s ecological footprint, and in light of the fact that we are overtaxing our planet by more than 1½ times its biocapacity, which can already be felt today. Against the background of ongoing, rapid global population growth and the consequences which this has for equally rapidly rising CO2 emissions and resource consumption, there is an urgent need to place the management of the construction industry on an exclusively sustainable footing.