Degree Bachelor (Ed.) TUM
Language of instruction German
University institution Technische Universität München, TUM School of Education
Applications WS: 15.05. - 15.07. and SS: 15.11. - 15.01. (only for applicants switching from another university)
Obligatory period of practical experience Industrial practical courses: 24 weeks in the vocational field, for the entrance into the period of instruction after conclusion of the study are 48 weeks to prove (teachings and professional activities are taken into account totally or partly). Alternatively: Possibility of the double qualification, i.e. professional training and study as unit. A part of the practical course - at least twelve weeks - is to be done before the admission of the study. Doing the practical course after admission of the study in the lecture-free time means a strong load for studying. School practical courses: 4 weeks block practical course in the chosen major subject (the orientation practical course is here integrated and does not have to be done not before beginning of the study); 4 weeks educational science block practical course in a vocational school with the chosen major subject; 3 weeks in the minor subject; one term study-accompanying practical course (1 morning per week) in the major subject.
Start of study program Winter semester