Graduate Center Architecture

The Graduate Center Architecture is the Graduate Center for Architecture and at the same time part of the TUM Graduate School. The TUM Graduate School (TUM-GS) is the all-encompassing organizational body for doctoral research at the Technical University of Munich. All doctoral candidates are automatically members of the TUM Graduate School and eligible to use its diverse qualification program. DocGS, the online platform of the TUM Graduate School, covers the entire doctoral cycle and acts as a central interface between doctoral candidates and TUM-GS, from the application stage to the completion of the dissertation. Doctoral candidates manage here essential elements of their doctoral process, such as subject-specific and interdisciplinary qualification, participation in colloquia and conferences, international integration, participation in teaching as well as the application for funding of research stays abroad.


Together with your supervisor you identify an appropriate Graduate Center at TUM. If you like to become member of the Graduate Center Architecture, sign this supervision agreement with your supervisor and your mentor. Finally hand this agreement in at the dean`s office combined with your application.

Qualification Program

The Department of Architecture offers an interdisciplinary research environment. Doctoral candidates from diverse research cultures gain qualifications at the Department of Architecture (Architecture, Engineering, Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics, Art, Design, etc)

In addition to the transferable skills training offered by the TUM Graduate School, the Department of Architecture provides a subject-specific qualification program, which enables doctoral candidates to acquire the 6 semester credit hours (6 SWS = 63 time hours in total during the duration of the entire dissertation process), which are required for the submission of the dissertation.

Subject-specific qualification elements for the acquisition of 6 SWS at the Department of Architecture are:

  • Methodological Colloquium
  • Doctoral Candidates’ Day at the Department of Architecture
  • Subject-specific doctoral colloquia
  • Selected events at the Architecture Research Incubator (ARI)
  • Selected seminars, events, summer/winter schools at the Department of Architecture
  • Qualification programs from external universities or research institutions, which demonstrably serve one’s own research qualification
  • Self-chosen formats in consultation with the supervisor/graduate center, which demonstrably serve one’s own research qualification

Please send additional qualification offers to: 

Feedback Session with Supervisor

At least 4 semesters after entering the TUM-GS there needs to be a feedback session on the research project. This is based on:

  1.  a university-public presentation at a seminar, which can be substituted with a presentation at an academic conference,
  2. a written interim report by the doctoral candidate on the progress of the research work that can be replaced by a scientific paper submitted for publication, as long as it reflects the results of exhaustively,
  3. an updated supervision agreement and
  4. a consultation with the mentor.

In the feedback session, the supervisor and the doctoral candidate shall discuss the progress of the doctoral project and how to proceed. Subsequently, the documents of the feedback session and the updated agreement must be uploaded to DocGS for approval. non-binding template for the feedback discussion for download.

Non-binding template for the feedback session

Funding Opportunities Graduate Center Architecture

Self-organized Symposia / Conferences / Invitation of Guest Critics etc.:

  • Target group: Members of the Graduate Center Architecture  
  • Aims: Organizing and conducting conferences, networking between doctoral students, invitation of guest critics in support of subject-specific qualification
  • Application: Informally with details concerning the applicant, brief project description, project costs, requested funding.
    Applications may be submitted at any time to

Individual Grants:

  • Target group: Members of the Graduate Center Architecture
  • Aim:
    • Training and networking activities not covered by Graduate School;
    • Support of publications (Journal articles; basic costs for publishing in TUM University Press; author fees – NO translation, printing or publishing costs for submitting final doctoral dissertation)
    • Conference fees (excluding travel costs!) for active participation at conferences (submission and presentation of paper at conference)
    • For TUM employees and stipend holders only: travel costs that are not covered by Graduate School (eg. Conferences in Germany)

Application for Individual grants: 

Exclusively via email to graduatecenter@ar.tum including complete information on 

  • short explanation for application
  • information about event/activity
  • detailed list of request funding amount

Applications can be submitted at any time, until funds are allocated. Applications received after the activity to be funded has passed, can unfortunately not be considered. 

Funding Opportunities for Internationalization TUM-GS

TUM-GS supports the internationalization of its members with up to 1,600 euros ("voluntary members") and up to 3,000 ("automatic members").

TUM-GS supports doctoral students with funds of 1,600 euros for:

  • Research stays at a scientific institute or at a researching industrial company abroad
  • Presentation of own scientific results at international conferences and symposia abroad
  • Participation in international subject-specific summer/winter schools, specialist workshops, etc.
  • Invitation of international guest researchers for joint research on their own dissertation project, and 
  • Travel expenses for examiners (from foreign universities) to participate in the rigorosum

Doctoral candidates who complete their doctorate in accordance with the current doctoral regulations (with effect from 1 January 2014) can apply for an additional 1,400 euros for:

  • Research stays of at least four weeks in a row at a scientific institute or at a researching industrial company abroad

Detailed information on the promotion of internationalization measures of TUM-GS can be found here.

Information for research/teaching associates at TUM

Applications for internationalization funding are submitted via DocGS.

Doctoral candidates who do their doctorate under older versions of the doctoral regulations ("voluntary members") can find the application forms here:

Application Internationalization Voucher for Research Associates at TUM

Application Internationalization Voucher for Stipend Holders

Application Internationalization Grant for „Industry dcotoral candidates“ and doctoral candidates with other financing

Proofreading Service

In order to help with the publication process, the TUM Graduate School offers all doctoral candidates professional, discipline-related proofreading of academic articles in English. This proofreading service is free for TUM-GS members. Further information

Download Request Form
Information Sheet Proofreading Service