Professorship of Urban Design

Laboratory for the Everyday City

How do we want to live in our cities in the future? How should we design our built environment? There is only one thing certain: the upcoming lifestyle will be radically different from the present. In the next few years, we will negotiate how exactly it will look like. Correspondingly, the Professorship of Urban Design sets a focus in both teaching and research around this context: We see ourselves as a laboratory for change.

We are consciously taking a closer look at everyday life and call ourselves "Laboratory for the Everyday City" since the new appointment in October 2018. The appreciation of everyday life is also an expression of the importance we attach to the Egalitarian City – the city that belongs to all people equally. As urban planners, we are committed to continuing this project.

The professorship essentially works in four fields: 1) The power of conditions, 2) The post-war city as concept and project, 3) The cooperative city, 4) Infrastructures of the new everyday life. Research projects, seminars and design studios are each interlinked, aiming to demand and produce clear individual attitudes towards the role of architecture and urbanism in society that take appropriate account of current challenges.