Chair of Structural Design

The design and engineering of structures as an integral part of an architectural design project is the focal point of the teaching at the chair of structural design. For this reason, the fundamentals of statics and strength of materials are taught, different load bearing structures are presented and the relationship between architecture, structure and material is discussed. Design projects, as well as diploma - and master theses are offered and supervised.

Research projects at the chair of structural design typically relate to one of the two core areas: “Structure and Form” or “Historical Constructions”.

The far-reaching theme of „Structure and Form“ relates to all research projects that explore the interdependencies between structural behavior and architectural form and expression. The affiliation with the Department of Architecture and the institute for architectural design and building technology offers the possibility of joint projects between architects and structural engineers. The main focus is on surface structures like shell or tensile structures, which disclose a direct relationship between structural behavior and architectural form. Flexible structures are another research area.

The aim of the research area of “Historical Constructions” is to gain and widen the knowledge that is necessary to evaluate, safeguard, restore or remodel historical constructions. The focus lies on the understanding and analysis of the structural actions involved as well as on the responsible handling of the structural fabric. Real projects and retrofitting schemes are accompanied scientifically.