Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design

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Climatic Design and Building Services is the holistic optimization of a building.The building concept, the façade and the building technology are regarded as a total system. Realistic research projects and numerical calculation are used to broaden the pool of knowledge for this novel planning approach, Climadesign. Climadesign – a new multi-level, multi-dimensional planning discipline.Providing an answer to challenges that arise from the desire for innovative structures, for buildings which can achieve more with less technology, where users feel at home, where design and function merge to form a harmonious whole.The more functional the building and its shell, the lower the amount of energy needed for indoor climate, lighting and ventilation. The current situation can be summarized as follows: buildings must be energy-efficient and respond to changes in usage and innovations. Users are aware of such matters and want an optimum supply of daylight as well as natural ventilation. Being able to adjust the indoor climate, ventilation and lighting situation according to individual needs, coupled with a high relevance to outdoor conditions and a comprehensible technological system are considered to be fundamental contributory factors towards personal comfort. These elevated, partly contradictory requirements need to be translated into sophisticated architecture within a cost-effective financial framework.This goal can only be achieved by means of a circular planning process.