Chair of Industrial Design

The Chair of Industrial Design at the Department of Architecture of the Technische Universität München offers students a platform to network in the field of design and science. Therefor the Chair of Industrial Design pursues interdisciplinary cooperations with other chairs of the Department of Architecture, mechanical engineering and business sciences. 

The two-year MSc in Industrial Design is dedicated to designers, mechanical engineers, architects and graduates of other design related courses.
An interdisciplinary design understanding, the acquisition of knowledge in design research and the training of entrepreneurial thinking and acting represent the key aspects of the course.

In particular, the challenges of an ecologically sustainable mass production and universal design as an approach to meet demographic change are treated as priorities.

Well-grounded studies form the basis and starting point for the design of real-world products, product systems and services. In regular collaborations with both industry partners and startups of the UnternehmerTUM the students are prepared for their career.

In addition to the Master's degree in Industrial Design, the Chair of Industrial Design also offers students of the Department of Architecture an additional professional qualification. The integration of the Chair in the Department of Architecture is useful because industrially manufactured products are becoming more integrated into buildings, building envelopes and space planning disciplines and so the disciplines have to be even more closely linked.

The Technical Centre of the Department of Architecture offers students excellent opportunities for the realization of models and prototypes with CAD-supported and conventional modeling techniques.