Professorship of Architectural Design, Rebuilding and Conservation

In order to be able to accommodate the many and varied challenges of the future, cities must become denser. That cannot be achieved solely through introducing new buildings. The task for the future will be to increase the utilization and density of existing buildings and to upgrade them to meet current and future standards.

Consequently, teaching at the Associate Professorship of Architectural Design and Conservation concentrates exclusively on projects for the conversion, adaptation and renovation of existing built substance. This self-imposed restriction is as much about the future practice of architects as it is about a didactic principle.
The parameters and boundary conditions of existing buildings forces students to question their own ideas and to adapt their intentions and the principles they have learned to situations not of their own choosing. Dealing with existing buildings should be seen not as a constraint but as a generator for new solutions.

Students are encouraged to present their work using the same aquarelle-based technique. The intention is shift the focus of discourse away from matters of presentation to an honest exchange of opinions on the qualities of architecture itself. In addition, the chair aims to resurrect and over time to develop a traditional academic means of presentation.