Chair of Architectural Design and Construction

Architects take responsibility for the built environment. Through their activity they ensure that the building quality exceeds merely satisfying elementary needs. The Chair of Design Methodologies and Building Typologies plays a key role in architectural education, laying the foundations at the beginning of architectural studies to instil in students a consciousness of the aforementioned responsibility.

A thorough analysis of the brief and the site conditions are the fundamental basis of any design activity. We teach a structured procedure, starting with an appropriate analysis out of which the solution can be developed. From the outset the examination of the different characteristics of various materials is one of the most important teaching components. By means of intensive work with real materials at full scale the students become aware of the impact of light, colour and material.

The form, construction, use of material and spatial quality of buildings are closely related to the needs of human beings. The user’s sensory experiences are important for the perception and the acceptance of a built space. Space, material, colour and light are essential parameters in this context. The 1:1 Lab is not about the development of detailing but instead aims to explore human perception. An interdisciplinary collaboration with other faculties or institutes (for example medicine, psychology) is intended. A ‘small’, preliminary 1:1 lab has already been established.​​​​​​​