Chair of Architectural Design and Conception

Design as the act of consciously shaping the appearance of things in the world is a fundamental architectural discipline. To design means to gain an idea of what one intends to build.

Abstract thought and concrete work are central to the process of architectural conception and concretisation. Design tasks have the potential to initially be free of the complex functional, technical, contextual and structural requirements of architecture – not to their exclusion, but rather by focussing on those aspects most fundamental to the architectural design.

At the Chair of Principles of Architectural Design and Conception, teaching and research focuses on the practice of conceptual and experimental design and on the individual design process, both in relation to architecture as well as from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Architectural design starts from a concept which serves as an idea or framework that informs how the process and the resulting product develops. The capacity to think and work conceptually is consequently fundamental to the act of designing. The practice of designing is the basis for making profound personal experiences, while the critical reflection of exemplary work helps one to relate one’s own work to current discourse in the field of architecture.