M.A. Landscape Architecture

The "Master of Landscape Architecture" course is located at the architecture faculty of the Technical University of Munich. Following the model of two-stage courses, it builds on the bachelor's program "Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning" at the Weihenstephan Science Center at the Technical University of Munich and on equivalent courses from other universities.

The master's program in landscape architecture lasts three semesters (90 ECTS). It is designed as a project course. Each master course has a main topic. The course includes the following components:

  • Project / design work with special topics according to the orientation of the respective master course,
  • fixed subject-oriented classes,
  • variable subject-oriented courses according to the orientation of the respective master course.

The first two semesters are composed of these examination / project work and lectures. The third semester is used to complete the master's thesis, which must be completed within a period of six months.

Courses take place in German and / or English. There are close collaborations with many chairs at the Technical University of Munich, so that various specialist and competence areas from the areas of planning, engineering, natural sciences and humanities are integrated into the design work of landscape architecture.

During the project work, complex tasks are processed in groups within a defined period of time.

The projects address different levels of scale and subject areas in the areas listed below, from which the respective focus areas of the individual master courses result:

  • Landscape architecture and public space
  • Landscape architecture and industrial landscape
  • Landscape architecture of regional open spaces Technologies
  • Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture.