Courses at the Faculty of Architecture

The following list shows all courses at the Faculty of Architecture. It is possible, that your study programm also allows to visit courses at other faculties. These courses are not listed her, please refer to your study plan via TUMonline.

Course Language

Many of our courses and seminars are in German and English language. Due to technical limitations on this website only one language can be displayed in the detailed view of the courses. To check if there are other languages available go to the link "details at TUMonline" at the end of the detailed view.

Another option is to display the list directly in TUMonline. The list of courses in TUMonline provieds information on all the languages for each course.

Important notice

Before registering for a course check if it is sheduled for your study plan. In the detailed view of each course you can find this information b clicking the link "Position within curricula".

Passed modules cannot be chosen again, even if the subject or subtitle of the course changes! In the case of repeated participation of already completed modules you will not get credits for it.