Architecture B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree program is an 8-semester long full-time study course. The first four semesters aim to establish a common basis through the training of perceptive and creative design faculties, the methodology of architectural design as well as education in the basic principles of natural sciences and technology and in the disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. These semesters therefore consist predominantly of mandatory courses.

The core subject areas of design, urbanism, building construction, history and theory, design and presentation, digital design, among others, constitute 20 weekly hours per semester respectively and 30 credits. The creative process of designing plays a central role: 6 weekly hours per semester are dedicated to project work in the form of a short design project. Related lectures and exercises complement the respective project.

In most cases, students spend the 5th and 6th semesters studying at a foreign partner university. The department of international relations at the Department of Architecture helps and supports students in selecting their partner university. Using a selection procedure, which considers students’ achievements, personal aptitude and motivation, each student is offered a placement at one of over 90 partner universities around the world.

To avoid overburdening students when they are abroad, students are asked to achieve a minimum of 20 credits per semester. Contractual agreements with partner universities set out the number of students admitted and the duration of their stay. In addition, the curricula of the partner universities are closely aligned through Learning Agreements with the curriculum of the Department of Architecture at the TU München.

The 7th and 8th semesters expand on and deepen the knowledge gained in the previous semesters. In the 7th semester, students can choose from a range of projects with different thematic areas of focus offered by different chairs of the Department. The remaining subjects are compulsory elective modules to allow students to place greater emphasis on an area of their choosing. In the 8th semester, students undertake their bachelor’s thesis project, which is presented at a final colloquium, and counts for 12+3 credit points.