Vortrag: … about being careful. Positionen zum Bestand – Enrique Sobejano, Archäologische Staatssammlung

23.11.2021, 18:30h

München, Archäologische Staatssammlung (Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos; Foto: dies.)

Die Professur für Neuere Baudenkmalpflege lädt im Wintersemester 2021/22 zu einer Vortragsreihe zum Thema Umbaukultur und Baudenkmalpflege ein. Verschiedenen Referent*innen und Respondent*innen werden das Spannungsfeld anhand aktueller Bauvorhaben diskutieren.


Past turned space
Nieto Sobejano

Contemporary intervention in historical buildings is usually a motive for controversy, probably deriving from the role that modern architecture played from the outset with regard to this matter. 

The existing buildings provide unexpected clues about how they could be transformed; they seem to reveal the genesis of its own transformation, so that ultimately realizing our work merely involves deciphering its intrinsic codes.

Renovating, adapting, or expanding a historic building means reinterpreting the original designer’s intentions, reading architecture like a palimpsest, the sum of various coexisting texts in which the traces of an earlier inscription – at times barely decipherable – are perceptible.

Time engages in a dialogue between the present and the past, where every decision acquires a meaning, not only spatial and symbolic, but also constructive and material. Architecture then becomes, as Walter Benjamin defined it, »past turned space.«


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Organisation: Professur für Neuere Baudenkmalpflege


23.11.2021, 18:30h