Schlusskritik: Masterprojekt „industrial alpine landscapes AT“


12.07.2018, 15-18h

© Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsarchitektur und industrielle Landschaft

Schlusskritik am Lehrstuhl für Landschaftsarchitektur und industrielle Landschaft zum Masterprojekt „industrial alpine landscapes AT“.

Styria was one of the first industrialized areas during the time of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The town of Leoben defines the southern starting point of the Styrian Iron Road. The city has a long tradition in mining and still shows one of the most important locations of Austrian iron and steel industries.

The MA studio 'industrial alpine landscapes' deals with an industrial area in the Alpine region. The embodiment of post-industrial transformation and its context is of particular importance in this matter. The task is to develop a transformation concept considering landscape architectureal means on the relevant scales (1:500 or larger), addressing, amongst others, questions of ecological restoration and cultural heritage preservation.

Gastkritiker (angefragt): Gerfried Tiffner (Leader-Management Steierische Eisenstrasse), Heimo Berghold (Baudierektor der Stadt Leoben)

12.07.2018, 15-18h

Raum E42
Institutsgebäude „Landespflege und Botanik“
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