Online Lecture: Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig – The Architect as Planetary Gardener

06.05.2021, 9h

Point cloud of an inosculated structure (Wilfrid Middleton)

Professor Ferdinand Ludwig invites you to his university-public online lecture on Thursday, 06.05.21 as part of the so-called "Assessment Centre" after the fourth year of the tenure-track procedure. Ludwig will provide insights into his research and teaching activities at TUM to date as well as an outlook on the coming years.

Since March 2017 Ferdinand Ludwig is Tenure-Track-Assistant-Professor for „Green Technologies in Landscape Architecture“ at TU Munich.

Following from methods and insights within the field of ‘Baubotanik’ (living plant construction), the professorship´s research and teaching is driven by the aim of using biological processes and structures to develop innovative technical solutions, new approaches and typologies in architecture and landscape design, as well as to examine their spatial-aesthetic effect and technical performance. The professorship thereby connects empirical research in natural science and engineering with the design disciplines architecture, landscape design, and urban planning. It focuses on architectural concepts in which plants play a decisive role.

06.05.2021, 09.00h

Online: Zoom-Link
Kenncode: 618672