LOC Talk: Prof. Fernanda Leite – Automated Approaches towards BIM-based Intelligent Decision Support in Design


16.01.2019, 19h

This talk is part of the LOC Talks by Leonhard Obermeyer Center and will be held by Prof. Fernanda Leite (University of Texas, Austin).

The architecture, engineering, construction and facility management (AECFM) industry has been experiencing many changes since inexpensive networked, mobile computing devices have become ubiquitous. With the rising amount of information and data generated in the life cycle of capital projects, information modeling and data interoperability have become a critical element in design, engineering, construction, and maintenance of capital facilities. Recent advances in Visualization, Information Modeling, and Simulation (VIMS) have the potential to address a number of these pressing challenges. The objective of this talk is to discuss challenges and ongoing research in three areas of study in VIMS: capturing experiential knowledge in building information modeling (BIM)-based design coordination; 4-dimensional modeling for site-specific safety planning; and automating the BIM upkeep process in the facility operations phase leveraging deep learning and computer vision.


16.01.2019, 19h

Vorhoelzer Forum
Arcisstr. 21
80333 München