Lecture on the new Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

Jörg Herrmann will held a lecture at Oskar von Miller Forum on July 28th about the use of innovative software tools in the context of the load-bearing structure’s design of the Porsche Museum

Bild: Porsche Museum Stuttgart, Autor: faraz_memon flickr


July 28th, 2011, Start 6.00 pm, Oskar von Miller Forum

For the new Porsche Museum (NPM) in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen a concept had to be found to create an expressive building determined by a free geometry. Very quickly it became clear that the building, whose design seemed to annul physical principals of gravity, could only be realised as a spatial load-bearing structure.

The NPM consists of two separate parts: the basement and the actual museum. Both parts are separated from each other by a horizontal gap, emphasizing the intended character of a “floating museum”. The load-bearing structure of the basement is a conventional reinforced concrete construction, whereas the upper building, accommodating the exposition rooms and theactual museum, is a spatial steel structure resting on three partially y-shaped reinforced concrete cores.

The design of the load-bearing structure has been a challenge in many aspects. The implementation of the unusual architectural design and its transformation into a buildable construction has been an engineering mission par excellence, yet it had to be realised within the framework of a very tight budget and schedule.

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Herrmann will speak about the use of innovative software tools in the context of the load-bearing structure’s design of the Porsche Museum. With the programme SOFiPLUS the three-dimensional shell model of the architects has been converted into a comprehensive calculation model of the whole structure serving as basis for all structural and dynamic verifi cations of the museum building and the cores.

Project planning of load-bearing structures and stability verifications are Jörg Herrmann‘s main project focuses at the consulting engineering office Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner. Amongst his projects are the exhibition centre car park above the motorway at the Stuttgart Airport or the conversion of the University Library Freiburg and he is also a consultant of the City of Cologne after the accident during subway construction at Waidmarkt and the collapse of the historical archive. Before joining Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner as project manager in 1994, Jörg Herrmann, who graduated in civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart, worked at Weidleplan Consulting GmbH.


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