Guest Professors in the Winter Semester 2017/18


In the coming winter semester, the Department of Architecture welcomes four guest professors. Gemma Koppen, who had been at the Chair for Architectural Design and Construction, will be a guest professor at Prof. Hannelore Deubzer’s Chair of Spatial Arts and Lighting Design. Roger Boltshauser, Björn Martenson and Sauter von Moos (Charlotte von Moos and Dr. Florian Sauter) will be teaching at the Department for the first time.

Left: Björn Martenson; middle: Gemma Koppen; Roger Boltshauser © Boltshauser Architekten; right: Charlotte von Moos © Studio Basel

Roger Boltshauser, Architekt ETH SIA BSA 

Sauter von Moos
Charlotte von Moos, dipl. Architektin, Basel & Dr. Sc. Florian Sauter Dipl. Architekt, Basel 

Björn Martenson, Architekt BDA 

Gemma Koppen, MScAAD Architektin