Model Photo Competition "homemade"

First Prize

Mirko Johannes Schütz
"The model was created in my room as part of my master's thesis during the first lockdown phase."

Second Prize

Niko Endres, Elena Englmann, Ben Klages and Max Messner
"We made it, the first digital semester is behind us. And despite the lack of workshops and workspaces, we turned as many places as possible into our own. Thanks to gracious neighbors and a few clear-out rides on the cargo bike, we were able to occupy space stretching from the attic to the courtyard and thus unfold our urban, interior, and façade models in their full glory. We are very enthusiastic about the process and the result, even though we did miss the large meetups at the university, the laser, milling cutter and, every now and then, an elevator. We achieved great results with pulley, cutter, and cutting mat."

Third Prize

Sebastian Haberl
"The photos show the environment model of Schröcken, built to 1:500 scale, which was made as part of the timber construction project under Visiting Professor Sven Matt. The timber used comes from a close by forest—the main advantages being the short distance, reuse, and the sustainability of the raw material itself."