TUM mentoring for students and alumni

According to recent studies, students and doctoral students from the TUM manage the transition from university life to employment exceptionally well. This is due in part to the excellent conditions for studying at the TUM and in part to the variety of useful programs on offer at the TUM.

The TUM Mentoring program offers students and doctoral students from all faculties at the TUM – as well as TUM alumni – an innovative instrument for personal development and promoting young professionals, in which motivated mentees can draw on the experience of successful alumni in the planning of their career and vocational and personal development. For the duration of a mentoring cycle lasting nine months , each mentee works together with a mentor in a so-called mentoring tandem.

Students and doctoral students continue to manage their day-to-day studies on a practical and independent basis but additionally receive support and advice from their mentor, who has committed to provide voluntary assistance, giving them the opportunity to acquire much more than an insight into their mentor’s work and context. The TUM Mentoring network builds bridges between the university and enterprise that helps students to manage the transition from university life to a career as successfully as possible.

Students – from the 3rd semester of studies onwards – master and doctoral students can take part in TUM mentoring as mentees.

If you are interested in becoming a mentee or in becoming a mentor, or have any questions or suggestions regarding TUM Mentoring, please contact the TUM Mentoring Office.

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