Arno Buchegger Foundation

The Arno Buchegger Foundation was founded in 1983 as an independent foundation under civil law with its seat in Augsburg. Its primary aim is to promote art and culture and the conservation of the environment, landscape and historical monuments, and particularly the protection of historical cultural monuments in Augsburg. One cannot apply for funding.
The Arno Buchegger Foundation funds the operation of the Swabian Architecture Museum in Augsburg.

Arno Buchegger established the foundation before his death in 1992. The foundation’s capital includes buildings in the Thelottviertel, a garden city neighborhood in Augsburg built by Sebastian Buchegger, the founder’s father, from 1905 onwards. The museum is located in the former residence of its builder and architect Sebastian Buchegger. The building was carefully renovated and converted to a museum with galleries, a library, workrooms and an archive, taking care to maintain its original features.

The new museum conducts research into and documents the architectural history of Swabia and acts a place for communicating architecture to the general public. The museum’s aim is to be an active center for architecture in Swabia and beyond. Its status as a university research institute ensures it maintains the necessary degree of independence.