Program 07.12.2016

16:00 Welcome and introduction - Prof. Hannelore Deubzer


16:10 Astrospatial architecture and data cities. A new urban ethos from electromagnetic fluxes - Davina Jackson
16:30 From productivism to scenography: Urban branding - Dr. Thomas Schielke
16:50 Creating with smart light - Dr. Vesna Petresin
17:10 Project Sunrise - Prof. Peter Droege
17:30 Discussion Moderator: Alison Ritter
17:50 Break

Smart technologies

18:10 Responsive urban environments Susanne Seitinger, PhD. Interview
18:30 Urban media between real and digital space - Thorsten Bauer
18:50 SPAXELS® The Art of Swarm Light Shows - Chris Bruckmeyr
19:10 Discussion Moderator: Dr. Thomas Schielke
19:30 Break

Smart projects

19:50 Philips Lighting Headquarters – Lighting at the workplace - Nuno Galvao
20:10 Light Week Munich. Emre Onur. Interview by Dr. Thomas Schielke
20:30 Smart lighting education Alison Ritter and Joachim Ritter
20:40 Closing comments - Prof. Hannelore Deubzer
20:50 End