Photography Competition– Winner 2019


Bring a Story from abroad – focus on urban spaces

One year in a faraway country with an unkown culture and foreign language shapes one's point of view and sharpens the perception of one's own surroundings.
Which urban structures can be perceived? Which spaces, buildings or places have a particular role in the urban life? What does city mean to the people at your exchange venue?

Observe your new city closely and show the urban spaces at your place of exchange by means of a 4-part photo series in colour. 

Jury 2019

In 2019 the Department of Architecture selected a first, a second and a third price and awarded one recognition. The series of Mirko Johannes Schütz, who had participated in the exchange program with the USP in Sao Paulo, Brasil, won first price. His images show intimate scenes of the citizens inhabiting the urban space of the Brazilian Metropolis. Jonas Krause won second with his photos from London, UK, where he studied at the Kingston School of Art. His work portrays the dynamics of the British capital with a scenographic composition. The third price goes to Spyros Koulouris. His pictures show Venice, Italy and play with the reflections of the flooded city. Well-known scenes can be rediscovered in refreshingly new perspectives. In addition to these, Cong Liu received a recognition for his work, that he produced during his stay at the University of Texas in Austin, USA.


First Prize 2019

Mirko Johannes Schütz
USP Sao Paulo | Brasil

Second Prize 2019

Jonas Krause 
Kingston School of Art, London |  UK

Third Prize 2019

Spyros Koulouris
Università IUAV di Venezia | Italien


Cong Liu
University of Texas, Austin | USA