Bring a Story from abroad to life with pictures - Winners 2017


Bring a Story from abroad to life with pictures

One year in a faraway country with an unkown culture and foreign language not only shape and change one's point of view, but let you be more aware of what happens around. Sometimes only a small detail makes an everyday situation quite special 

Create a series of six images that epitomize for you which details of your place and country of study stays in your mind. With which spaces, buildings or urban qualities do you have a special story?


Deadline: March 09, 2018
via mail to


The photography competition is open to all students of the Department of Architecture, TU Munich and its guest students from all exchange programs.


1st Prize 150 €
2nd Prize 100 €
3rd Prize 50 €

In addition to prize money for the best series will be shown at the website of the Department.