Preparation of the Study Abroad Period

Photo © Sophie Ramm, Universidad Tecnica Frederico Santa Maria, Chile

Preparation of the study abroad period

Regular information sessions are held, where we will gladly answer all questions. Students can also schedule individual appointments:

Information about the partner universities

The first step is to research the individual partner universities of the Faculty of Architecture and their course offerings. A source of information is the brochure 'Informationen zum Auslandstudium' (in German)”, which gives brief descriptions and links to all the partner universities. 

Some students may want to spend their year abroad at a university that is not on the list of partner universities of the Department of Architecture. Generally, this is also a possibility. However, please contact the Departmental Exchange Coordinator first, before applying: Yolande Hoogendoorn

Further information can be found by reading the experience reports from other students. There is also a DAAD Country Information Page.

Language courses

The TUM Language Center The TUM Language Centre offers many opportunities to improve your language skills

In addition, students who are participating in the Erasmus student mobility can also attend so called Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILCs) for less widely taught languages.

Intercultural communication coures

The TUM Language Center offers several opportunities to prepare for cultural differences which you will encounter on your study abroad experience.

The Carl von Linde Academy also offers workshops on intercultural communication and interaction. The seminars are free of charge and ECTS are awarded.

In addition, the Faculty of Architecture also organizes intercultural training courses. These will be announced via email or as a poster.


You should discuss your insurance coverage during your stay abroad with your insurance provider and also ask the host institution (partner university) what their rules and regulations are regarding insurance coverage. If the German health insurance coverage is insufficient or does not apply abroad, you may have to take out private insurance.

DAAD generally recommends that students should complete the following insurances:

  • liability insurance (protection abroad)
  • accident insurance (protection abroad)
  • health insurance with repatriation (in the event of death).


Visas or any other type of entry permit generally need to be obtained in advance. The approval process can take several months. Make sure to contact the respective embassy or consulate in advance to find out more about the process.

Further information on preparing for yours study abroad can be found on the webpages of the International Office.