"Microclimate" describes climatic conditions close to the ground up to a height of about two meters and the climate that appears in a small, precisely defined area. These local zones with specific... [more]

All of our chair members are in home office and can only be reached via email. Take care + stay healthy. Your team of the  Associate Professorship of Architectural Design and Building Envelope ... [more]

For security reasons, the Board of the Foundatione Renzo Piano decided to suspend and postpone all the internships of 2020 to 2021. New dates to be confirmed. [more]

Sarah Moser, who won the RPBW internship program in 2019 has extended her internship at RPBW. The image shows a meeting in Paris office with Milly and Renzo Piano. From left: Juana Horcajo, Elora... [more]

We are delighted to see our latest article together with Prof. Thomas Auer in NEW MOVE at Birkhäuser discussing our research on kinetic elements in architecture...  New MOVE Architektur in Bewegung -... [more]

Moritz Mungenast hält einen Vortrag über das Forschungsprojekt ‚3D-pinted envelopes‘ und weitere Entwicklungen auf der formnext 2019 in Frankfurt im Rahmen der Veranstaltung BE-AM 2019 des DDU der TU... [more]

Article KGK Magazine Jaargang 40 2019 Nummer 4. Pages 13 - 20 [more]

Editor: Philipp Lionel Molter, Oke Hauser 2019 TUM University Press ISBN: 9783958840270 This book is a documentation and discussion on the history and future of collaborative living concepts. In... [more]

The magazine "fassadentechnik" discusses in its latest issue 4_2019 the performance of autoreactive facades, a research project of our chair. See the article on p. 32 - 35. [more]

July 2019 is officially the hottest month ever recorded. This summer most of European cities are struggling with the Urban Heat Island Effect and very bad micro climate conditions of urban public... [more]