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presentation of our project hosted by UnternehmerTUM, and DETAIL[more]


RPWT 2019 - Renzo Piano World Tour Award 2019

“Art of Construction: the importance of structural details” 40 days World Tour: 20 June – 30 July 2019. Competition open ONLY to students graduated at TUM from 1 January 2016 [more]


DETAIL 1/2.2019, page 90, 91

3D Printing for Construction Industry[more]


Interview with Moritz Mungenast in Deutschlandfunk:

Facade from the 3D printer - how architects print using additive processes[more]


Interview with Philipp Molter in Deutschlandfunk:

Facades that regulate themselves[more]


Research of Philipp Lionel Molter in DETAIL Magazine

The DETAIL magazine features in its latest issue 05/2018 (page 130) Philipp Lionel Molter's reseach on autoreactive components for transparent low-tech building envelopes. [more]


Philipp Molter in the television broadcast "Gut zu Wissen" (Good to know)

The television broadcast "Gut zu Wissen" (Good to know) shows the latest developments and interviews with Philipp Molter, Chair of Design and Building Envelope, and his colleague Jochen...[more]


Interview with Philipp Lionel Molter in fassadentechnik magazine issue 01/18

The magazine "fassadentschnik" features in its latest issue 01/18 a detailed interview with Philipp Lionel Molter about his latest developments in the field of transparent low-tech...[more]


Intern at Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Claudia Melchor del Rio is the second architecture student participating in an Internship Program at Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) as part of a cooperation between the TUM Department of...[more]


3D-Printed Façade Element 'Fluid Morphology' M 1: 1

The 3D-printed and functionally integrated façade element 'FLUID MORPHOLOGY' was mounted on the TUM solar station. The 1:1 scale element measures 2.8 m high and 1.6 m wide and is subjected to a...[more]

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