01|07|19 DGNB Sustainability Challenge

The faculty of architecture (TUM) and Ingenieurbüro Hausladen are currently working on a joint resesarch project "Agricultural Lighting Facade". As nominee in the category "Research", it was now honoured as finalist in the annual Sustainability Challenge der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen – DGNB. The winning project is called "BauCycle". Project manager Mariana Yordanova and Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig accepted the finalist award on the DBNB Day of Sustainability.


03|05|19 CONFERENCE Research Perspectives in Architecture

The conference «Research Perspectives in Architecture» at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) aims to present and discuss a spectrum of research questions and methodological approaches in architecture. Podium discussions focussing on various topics will highlight different perspectives of research in architecture.


Chair of Architectural Design and Conception, Prof. Uta Graff Professorship of Green Technologies, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig

The TUM event is funded by the DFG - German Research Foundation and takes place within BauHow5, the European alliance of five leading research-intensive European universities for architecture.

The conference will be held in English. Registration is not required.

When? 04.07. - 05.07.19

Where? Vorhoelzer Forum Department of Architecture,  Technical University of Munich



23|05|19 DISRUPTIVE MATERIALS in Cologne

On May 23rd, Professor Ludwig will speak at the "Disruptive Materials" congress during Interzum 2019 in Cologne. Following an invite by Haute Innovation, he will present his research field "Baubotanik". A choice of inosculations can be seen at the exhibition.

23|04|19 PRESENTATION New courses Summer 19

At the first day of the semester, April 23rd we will present our semester offers to the Landscape Architecture students at 11:00 in Freising in Room E42. See you there!


Check out our new courses for Summer 2019! You can find them here, on tumonline, facebook and at the institute in Freising.



On March 28/29 the department of Digital Architecture and Planning is hosting a symposium at the Vienna University of Technology. Professor Ferdinand Ludwig will be among the speakers. For more information, have a look at our facebook page.


A workshop in Meghalaya, India, discussing the key aspects of interest in the study of Living Root Bridges, bringing together academics, bridge-builders, architects, biologists and village leaders to understand the breath and depth of research questions in this emerging field of research.

The conference day on Monday 18/3 will involve discussions of Living Root Bridges in the context of several key academic fields, ranging from architecture and structural engineering to soil science biology ans social structures. Tuesday 19/3 will include visits to the bridges and discussions with bridge builders, users and community leaders.

Find more details here


On Wednesday, 20/02 the final presentation of our seminar green technologies - living bridges will start at 9.45 am in Vorhoelzer Forum. We are looking forward to our guests, Dr. Andres Lepik, professor for History of Architecture and Curatorial Practice as well as Anette Dittel (BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern).




On Tuesday 05/02 the final presentation of the student project TIME-TREES-TECTONICS will take place at the studios in Freising. We are looking forward to our guest Michael Hensel.


On Friday, November 30 Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig and Stefano Panunzi will give a lecture about 'Seismic Green Infrastructure: EKSOTECTURES & EKSOSCAPES' at the World Forum on Urban Forests 2018 in Mantova, Italy. The aim of the Forum is to highlight positive examples of planning, design and management approaches that cities with diverse cultures, forms, structure and histories have implemented to optimize the contribution that urban forests and green infrastructure can provide in terms of economic development, environmental conservation, improved social cohesion, and increased public involvement. The event will last four days and will include conference sessions, discussions and public events.

24|11|18 LECTURE 50+ Years of Architecture, Theory and Poiesis

On November 24th Professor Ferdinand Ludwig will give a lecture about "Biotopian Urbanism – Baubotanische Strategien" at the international conference "50+ Years of Architecture, Theory and Poiesis" in Stuttgart.

17|11|18 BAUBOTANIK The Nature of Nature

On Saturday 17th of November, the European Cultural is hosting a roundtable in Venice bringing together the work and thought of seven individuals holding a common interest in the metaphysics and physics of our existential envelopment amidst the vast realm of nature. Professor Ferdinand Ludwig was invited to give an introduction about Baubotanik.


28|09|18 Presentation Isabel Zintl

Isabel Zintl will give a presentation on Research by Design at the international conference CA2RE in Berlin. In the process she will present her dissertation project "Vertical open spaces". The CA2RE [CONFERENCE FOR ARTISTIC AND ARCHITECTURAL (DOCTORAL) RESEARCH] will take place in Berlin on 28 September - 1 October. 


Check out our new courses for Winter 18/19! You can find them on this website, on tumonline and at the institute in Freising.

27|06|18 INTERVIEW Campus news

In a recent interview, Professor Ferdinand Ludwig explains, how his field of research Baubotanik plans and builds with living material and how breathing architecture can make our lives better.


26|04|18 UMCC exhibited at the Entrepreneur Day

Our "Urban Micro Climate Canopy" is being exhibited at the Entrepreneur Day of the Bavarian Building Industry. Many thanks to the installation and de-installation team that made this exhibition possible: Lorenz Boij, Moritz Dörstelmann, Daniele Santucci, Johannes Schmitt Carlo Guernier, Marco Zanchetta, Francesco Martini, Benjamin Slosharek, Samuel Meile, Martin Gabriel, Frederic Engasser

More info: www.umcc.eu

26|04|18 BAUBOTANIK RESEARCH PAVILLON at the Botanical Garden of Freiburg

After being installed this winter all plants (Platanus acerifolia) are sprouting out now and we are fixing the joints to initiate inosculations. In the summer we will install the membrane roof. And when the plant structure will be strong enough we will remove the temporary steel strcuture.

NEW COURSES Summer 2018

Our new courses for summer 2018 are online! Check them out on our website, on facebook and in tumonline.

28|04|18 FREIRAUM VERTIKAL DENKEN Vernissage zur Ausstellung

The exhibition Agora Artes (April 28 - May 13) at the Akademie der Künste Berlin will start off on April 28 with a vernissage. "Freiraum vertikal denken" is Isabel Zintl's contribution to this exhibition, presenting the results of the seminar "Vertikale Freiräume".


Isabel Zintl, who is a member of our team, is going to give a presentation at the symposium of SW - Institut für Städtebau und Wohnungswesen München. There she is going to speak about „Vertikale Freiräume als grüne Möglichkeitsräume im Kontext hoher baulicher Dichte“.

18|03|18 LUMINALE 2018 Exhibition Urban Microclimate Canopy prototype

The Urban Microclimate Canopy prototype is displayed at the luminale in Frankfurt from March 18 to 23, 2018. The subject of lighting design plays an important role in the project, as the material efficiency of the underlying lightweight structure goes hand in hand with a lightness and transparency that offers distinct possibilities for lighting. The choice of glass fibers for the support structure was influenced not only by their load-bearing capacity, but also because of their excellent light-conducting properties, which produce extraordinary lighting effects in direct sunlight as well as under artificial lighting.


26|02|18 SUBMISSION URBAN MICROCLIMATE CANOPY Presentation of the prototype

The final presentation of the research lab: Urban Microclimate Canopy ist going to take place on Monday February 26 at the Klimalabor (TUM Stammgelände).

22|02|18 LECTURE GREEN, BLUE, SMART by Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig

The event ZUKUNFT STADT@GRÜNBAU BERLIN, which will take place on February 22 in Berlin in the context of bautec Messe, will present projects contributing to the aim of making cities smarter, more resilient and sustainable. Antje Backhaus, Ferdinand Ludwig and Ina Homeier show new ideas and concepts in the scope of this year's topic „Green – Blue – Smart: Concepts for the city of tomorrow“.


The submission of the projects Eksotecture and Eksoscape is on Wednesday, February 14 at 9.30 am in room 2350 (Alte Architekturbibliothek). 

Guest critic:

Stefano Panunzi, UNIMOL Campobasso Italy

Deputy Prof. Daniel Schönle, University of Stuttgart


05|02|18 GUEST LECTURE by raderschallpartner ag landschaftsarchitekten

With "mfo park" raderschallpartner ag landscape architects have created the icon of a vertical space in collaboration with Burkhard+Partner architects. The symbiosis between architecture and landscape architecture serves daily use as well as special events, such as concerts and open-air cinema. The project is the topic of the guest lecture, which will take place at Vorhoelzer Forum.

Start: 8 pm

19|01|18 PRESENTATION BDLA by Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig

Professor Ferdinand Ludwig is going to give a presentation about Green Technologies on January 19 at 5 pm for bdla Bayern in Munich.

28|11|17 BUNDESPREIS ECODESIGN for Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig

We are delighted to receive this year's Bundespreis ecodesign in the category <concept>. The prize is awarded for future-oriented design studies as well as model projects. We sent in the approach of Baubotanik, which was developed by Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig and Daniel Schönle. The awards ceremony took place on November 27 at the Bundesimweltministerium Berlin.

15|11|17 HORTITECTURE 03 Guest lecture by Wilfrid Middleton, gtla*

Wilfrid Middleton, member of our gtla* team, was invited to hold a lecture about <The Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya> at this year's HORTITECTURE 03 symposium at the TU Braunschweig. The international symposium focuses on sustainable building strategies that explore the synergies combining architecture and plant material. 

13|11|17 MARK PRIMACK Guest lecture

We are really looking forward to welcoming the architect Mark Primack from Santa Cruz on November 11 in Munich! He is going to hold a guest lecture at the Vorhoelzer Forum about his work and his efforts on saving the <Scotts Valley Tree Circus>.

Start: 6 pm 


6|11|17 UC BERKELEY LAEP LECTURE Lecture by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig

On November 7 Ferdinand Ludwig will give a LAEP lecture at the Berkeley college of environmental design, University of California. As a pioneering architect in the field of “Living Plant Constructions” (Baubotanik) he will talk about the projects he realized over the last few years that combine growth processes of living plants with an engineering approach.

24|10|17 GRÜNE ARCHITEKTUR Lecture Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig

 Lecture <Grüne Architektur> by Ferdinand Ludwig within the project EKSOTECTURE / EKSOSCAPE on Oktober 24 in room 2350 (Alte Architekturbibliothek). Part 2: Techniken, Systeme, Synergien

Start: 9.45 am


20|10|17 WEIHENSTEPHANER FORUM Guest lecture by Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig

On Friday the 20.10.2017 the 10th Weihenstephaner Forum for Landscape Architecture and Landscape Planning will take place at the Internationales Getränkewissenschaftliches Zentrum (TUM). This year the use of plants in Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning and Restoration Ecology as well as their ecosystem functions are at the centre of attention. Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig is going to inform about plant species and varieties used in Baubotanik. The Forum will be concluded with a discussion among experts and audience about current challenges.

17|10|17 GRÜNE ARCHITEKTUR Lecture Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig

Lecture <Grüne Architektur> by Ferdinand Ludwig within the project EKSOTECTURE / EKSOSCAPE on Oktober 17 in room 2350 (Alte Architekturbibliothek). Part 1: Konzepte und Haltungen

Start: 9.45 am

16|10|17 PROJECTS @GTLA* Lectures Winter 17/18

On Oktober 16 we want to introduce ourselves in room E42 to all first year students and everyone interested in our teaching. Would you like to join our exciting seminars, projects and studios this winter? We offer lectures for Bachelor and Master students in Architecture and Landscape Architecture. See you there!

Start: 4 pm

12|10|17 NEW FACEBOOKPAGE gtla*

Visit us on our new facebookpage! Take a look at our recent projects and lectures that we have on display there.