TUM services for doctoral students

Advice from the TUM Career Service 

If you are looking for individual counseling, need help in planning your application or information or tips on entering the job market and your future career direction, the TUM Career Service Team is available to provide assistance during and after your doctoral studies.

If you would like someone to look over your application documents and portfolio, please send this as a PDF to the Career Service Team at career@tum.de and arrange a telephone appointment.

Funding possibilities for postdocs

Scientific research as a future career: those who would like to pursue a career at a university or research institution after completing their doctorate should start making preparations while in the final phase of their doctoral studies.

If you are looking for an overview of the different funding possibilities for a postdoc, or if you have already written a grant funding application and would like someone from a different background to review it with regard to readability and comprehension, the TUM Liaison Office for Junior Scientists and Researchers is available to provide assistance.