Research Groups

During the last year a wide range of research topics startet at the department of architecture. The different topics and the results were developed from different persons and groups, who burn for the field of research.

018 //

Dr.-Ing. Claudia Hemmerle, Elisabeth Faßbender, Lea Bogischef, Manuel De Borja Torrejón, Akhila Jambagi

017 //

Structural Investigations into Meghalaya’s Living Root Bridges
Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig, Wilfrid Middleton, Qiguan Shu

016 //

Agricultural Lighting Design
Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig, Prof. Hannelore Deubzer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Hausladen, Mariana Yordanova

015 //

Urban Climate Canopy
Prof. Ferdinand Ludwig, Lorenz Boigner, Prof. Thomas Auer, Daniele Santucci, Ata Chokhachian

014 //

Bamboo Connection Systems 
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel, Prof. Dipl. Des. Fritz Frenkler, Jonas Schikore, Tobias Bahne

011 //

Experimental Structures: Designing gridshells with asymptotic line networks
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Barthel, Eike Schling, Denis Hitrec

009 //

3d envelope
Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Moritz Mungenast

006 //

Density + Urban Microclimate: Coupling City Information Modeling
Prof. Thomas Auer, Prof. Mark Michaeli, Prof. Gebhard Wulfhorst, Ata Chokhachian

005 //

Green Factory
Prof. Dr. Tillmann Klein, Prof. Thomas Auer, Johannes Ingrisch, Kristoffer Kramer, Lisa Schubert // Dräxlmaier Group

004 //

Spatial Dynamics of Algorithmic Urbanism
Prof. Thomas Auer, Prof. Ignacio Farías (MCTS), Sarah Widmer

003 //

Biofacts: What kind of naturality do we want our food to possess in the future?
Prof. Fritz Frenkler, Sandra Hirsch, Johanna Kleinert, TUM MCTS

002 //

Big Data based Design : Analysing Regional Economic Development for a Decision Supporting Framework​
Prof. Alain Thierstein, Prof. Frank Petzold, Fabian Wenner, Benedict Rechenberg

001 //

Impact of Microclimate on People Flows in dense Urban Space

Prof. Thomas Auer,  Dipl.- Ing. Arch. Daniele Santucci, M.Sc.