Architectural Intelligence

Semester Project in Summer Semester 2019
thursdays at 09:45 | Room 4170B (BIM-Lab)

Introduction: Wednesday, 24.04.19 | 09:45 | Room 4170C

What is AI? Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and evolutionary algorithms are no longer science fiction but a reality. Many industries, including the building industry, are already using these technologies in different areas. With this increase in use it is essential to understand what is meant by these terms and the potentials behind them.

Within this semester we will examine this topic within the context of architecture. What processes are using AI? Can we improve planning and decision-making using AI? Where can we use AI to automate tedious tasks? What are the differences between human learning and machine learning?

After analysing architectural problems, we will identify the potentials of AI technologies and where they make sense. The semester is laid out as a project. After a short research phase, you will develop concepts based on architectural problems and create paper prototypes. Following this there will be a workshop where you will be taught existing tools to implement your projects (no prior programming skills needed). The final result of the project is a concept for solving an architectural problem exploiting modern technologies and a working prototype.

The introductory meeting must be attended. Those who do not attend the orientation session will not be admitted to this course.