Escaping Flatland

Elective Module in Summer Semester 2019 | 6 ECTS
Mondays 13:15 - 16:30 | Room 4170B 
Introduction: 19.04.2019

Light - Space - Behaviour

"The glowing tungsten filament was the last fire, the last light to warm you up. The fascination of having a fire in a light bulb is very poetic." 
- Ingo Maurer in an interview with SZ, 18. March 2019

Against this backdrop, the seminar will systematically develop innovative and digital interaction concepts on the subject of light in architecture and design. The course will be held in cooperation with industry partner Ingo Maurer GmbH, Munich. The aim is the development and prototypical implementation of ideas in which light as a medium brings architecture, space and people together. In teams, the individual phases of an iterative UX design process are explored and theoretical knowledge is consolidated. Finally, the resulting concepts and scenarios will be presented to a panel of experts and their possible further development discussed. The course also offers an insight into the work of an internationally renowned lighting design company.