Digital Photography - Advanced

Elective Module in Summer Semester 2019 | 3 ECTS

Introduction: 08.05.2019 13:15h, Room 4170B

Excursion to Venice | Thu 23.05.2019 – Sun 26.05.2019

The goal of the module ´Digital Photography – Advanced´ is an in depth exploration of the technical possibilities and image capturing capabilities of a digital mirror-reflex camera. Through a series of practical exercises we will go over advanced techniques and workflow.Students should be familiar with the use of digital, automatic mirror-reflex cameras.

Students should already be familiar with the use of digital, automatic consumer cameras. In addition, interest in technology and design control photographic recordings is a prerequisite.

After participating in this module the student will have a thorough knowledge of digital mirror-reflex cameras, knowledge of image capturing, and the development of images.

The introductory meeting must be attended. Those who do not attend the orientation session will not be admitted to this course.