The Beta State

Elective Module in Winter Semester 2019/2020 | 6 ECTS
Thursdays | 13:15 - 16:30 | Room 4170B
Introduction: 17.10.2019 13:15h

Architectural Design Thinking in Phase Zero, and the Potential of Future Architects.

From management for control and engineering for robustness, we now design for agility and adaptation. Today ‘s economies are shifting towards constant change. Beta phases and Iterations known from product and software development are entering the social realm and the built environment. The dynamic transformations call for skills, which architects already developed through education and practice. While approaches from management and design thinking reach limits in achieving radical new ideas, architecture bears potential to visually design new systems for companies and societies. The course in English introduces how to use the thinking beyond building design for interdisciplinary engagement with management, information technology and other fields. The students learn to capture complex context and to visually and verbally strengthen their presentation skills. They develop form the topics of future of work, mobility, smart cities, sustainability, production and digitalization in construction industry own areas of interest and create a system concept for their future tasks in the built environment. The students finalize their work with a Pitch-Report, combining their worked-out context, vision and concept in an impactful way.