Algorithmic Design

Elective Module in Summer Semester 2019 | 6 ECTS 
Fridays 09:45 - 13:00 | Room 4170C 
Introduction: 26.04.2019

A wide range of digital tools is available to architects nowadays, and their number, capabilities and precision is only bound to grow. This course is aimed at students who want to gain an understanding of these increasingly commonly implemented technologies that they will most likely encounter during their careers.

The objectives of the course are to get the students familiar with the potential of BIM models, the potential of the data derived from these models for different analyses and simulations (life-cycle analysis, structural analysis, daylight analysis, etc.) and ways to extract and visualize BIM data in order to obtain useful information that aids the design process.

In this course, BIM- models will be handled in Revit, the extraction of data will be done with the extension Dynamo. Data-visualization techniques for architectural use cases will be explored by using programs such as Power BI & Tableau. Familiarity with the software used is not required to take the course, however basic knowledge of BIM technology and processes is an advantage as this is not an introductory class.

The introductory meeting must be attended. Those who do not attend the orientation session will not be admitted to this course.